Our Story

15 years experience

With Property Connect, our added value is based on our real estate experience in France and International markets since 2001.
Corinne Vionnet is a passionate professional fueled by ambition.



Corinne has started her career in real estate with Intrawest Corporation and quickly evolved to become their Number 1 performer globally. Intrawest specialized in 5-Star resort developments throughout North America.
From the very beginning of her career Corinne recognized that she had a passion and a discipline which would serve her well in the field of real estate.
Her first success was in the launch of the new development at Les Arcs 1950 in the French Alps. Corinne achieved unprecedented sales targets in relatively short time frame.
Corinne’s career continued to grow and throughout her years at INTRAWEST she received several awards: “SILVER”, then “GOLD”, and “PLATINUM AWARDS Intrawest world.”



Founder of Corinne Properties International

After her success with Intrawest, real estate opportunities multiplied and for this reason Corinne decided to start her own real estate firm “Corinne Properties International”.  She immediately increased her exposure in the International real estate market capitalizing on her business reputation. 
She traveled in search of ideal locations and unique opportunities for her clients in order to be capable of  offering real estate opportunities in Portugal, in Spain, Great Britain, the United States, in the Middle-East and Asia
In that capacity, She also received several awards including, highest sales for Red Residence and Kensington Royal in Dubai  & Sepang Gold Cost in Malaysia.
Corinne Properties has built and is able to maintain a strong portfolio of loyal international customers.



Corinne’s family is my number one priority in life as she raise a beautiful daughter named Ashley, she was born in 2011.
From 2011 until 2015 , Corinne took maternity time off in order to dedicate her full attention to raising her daugther.
In 2016 , she found herself motivated to start back her real estate career as a sales specialist in the resales and new-built in the French Riviera in the area of Cannes, Antibes and the region.



Fonder at Property Connect in the French Riviera.

Corinne is most proud of the high level of trust that clients have in her. Corinne knowledge and her expertise has served them well, and her passion and ambitions continue to be Corinne’s driving force. It is for this reason that she decided to start “Property Connect” , an International real estate agency based in the French Riviera, and operational in France as well in the International market place.

Property Connect advisory and help you in your real estate investment :

  • Resales and new-built properties : We have a portfolio of properties in the the French Riviera ;
  • Wealth management advisory : We advise and help you with a wealth management investment that will allow you to benefit a wide range of properties investment in France ;
  • Overseas properties investment : Our knowledge of the International real estate market since 2005 , allow you to benefit of excellent advisory , a support and individual monitoring in your real estate project in Portugal and in Spain

With Property Connect, our mission is to support you in your real estate investments and establish a privileged relationship based on trust. This is the reason that we will make every effort to meet amazing challenges and together surpass your expectations.

Corinne Vionnet