Authentic villa Bicas, 4 bedrooms


Authentic Bicas, detached villa, Comporta

This fantastic 4 bedrooms villa in Comporta is set in a plot of 5234 m² and has a construction area of 210 m². The villa include a living room, dining room, living and dining terraces, kitchen, a social bathroom and 4 further suites, both with private terraces. Completely independent, with individual pool, the villa offers an exclusive level of comfort and an enviable sun exposure to enjoy in exquisite privacy.

Authentic Bicas Comporta is a different initiative. It’s a compromise between genuineness and a promise of comfort and simplicity. It’s a way to live the authenticity of being.
Nestled between the rural and the contemporary, with an entrancing view of the mountain range and close to the Carvalhal and Pêgo’s beaches, Authentic Bicas Comporta is a Project that contemplates Suites & Villas.

Close to the sea and at the heart of the countryside, there’s a small hamlet in the Comporta area which people call Bicas. A place hidden enough to be found and to rediscover the peace of mind and comfort after a work week. The proximity with the capital is a commodity, but true comfort is here, halfway between the fields, the sea and modern life’s pleasures. A hidden haven where the best of all worlds me